• Don't say no to gluttonous sins

  • Don't say no to gluttonous sins

  • Don't say no to gluttonous sins

Pastry bar in Catania

Established in 1981 Patisserie San Giorgio offers customers the highest quality cake and pastry delicacies, skillfully created and prepared with the best available ingredients. Creating delicious cakes has been the passion of owner Antonino since he was a boy, and Pastisserie San Giorgio is the result of his dedication, professionalism and many years of hard work.

Artisanal sweets

A good patisserie is more than just a bakery - it's a place that brings the communities together, where old and young are united to enjoy one of life's great pleasures. Mixing the traditional with the new and discovering innovative ways of creating sweets is at the heart of what we do at Patisserie San Giorgio. The result is the creation of our superior delicacies, recognised for their sophistication and professionalism and loved by all of Catania.

From us to you

Thanks to our techniques in sweet making and the quality and excellence of what we produce, we're able to share our products not just with our customers but other bakeries who know and appreciate our sweet creations too. 
Through our production and distribution activities we also supply carefully chosen 'third party' pastry bars and bakeries across Sicily.

Visit us on Stradale San Giorgio, 196/200 to discover our delicious cakes!

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