Chocolate and Cake Design

Chocolate and cake decorations in and around Catania

Chocolate-making for dessert decorations is an art form, and we are specialists in the field: the chocolates that we have are delicious and made using traditional recipes and techniques. And as well as being superior in taste, our cakes are also beautiful to behold thanks to our experience and expertise in cake design.

The art of decoration

We can make chocolates of every kind, with fillings from hazelnut to pistachio, and many more. For the cake design the process is more intricate and sugar paste decoration making and cake design is certainly not as easy as it might look. Decorating cakes requires special tools, techniques and specific ingredients such as the sugar paste itself, mouldable chocolate and almond paste. We create all our decorations first by hand and then with great skill decorate our cakes according to the exact design wishes of the customer.

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